My Writing

Across a lot of styles


I’ve always been involved in something creative: theatre, singing, cartooning or writing. But writing is the one pursuit I’ve found the most satisfying. I’ve been writing poetry since the teen angst years and hopefully it’s developed a bit since then. I’ve finally been able to commit more hours to writing and now it’s an absolute addiction! I started this journey a few years ago, intending to use my teaching experience as a scaffold to creating children’s literature. One poetry anthology later and a long list of short stories and poems published, tends to indicate I diverted from my path. I still dabble in YA and children’s writing but will let my writing take me where it will.

I live one street away from the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my son, husband and dog. I absolutely hate the hot weather but love my sparkling city.

I’ve been a primary school teacher for possibly way too long. As rewarding and creative as the job is, it truly is all consuming which has meant my writing aspirations have remained largely untested.

I think I’m what they call a ‘late bloom’ writer. The world can tell me it’s too late to start writing but I’m not listening. There’s so many stories to tell.

I have run Gifted and Talented workshops for children in cartooning and creative writing. Stay tuned for more.