POETRY anthology to be published by  Interactive Publications (Australia, 2021)

Gifthorse published in Rush Magazine (2021, USA)

Water Pistol to be published in Wards Magazine (2021, USA)

I Cannot Listen published in Last Leaves Magazine (2021, USA)

Pissant to be published in Stick Figure Poetry Magazine (2021, USA)

I Can’t be Bothered Writing this Poem published in Last Leaves Magazine (2021, USA)

Hide and Seek to be published in Camas Magazine (2021, USA)

Before You published in New Feathers Anthology (2021, USA)

My Little Friends published in New Feathers Anthology (2021, USA)

A Mouthful of Carpet published in Cordite (2021, AUS)

Stupid Movable Organs published in Not a Pipe Publishers Anthology : Denial Kills (2021, Canada)


Carroll Called it Fiction to be published in The Poeming Pigeon journal (US 2021)

Pieta to be published in Ancient Paths journal (US, April 2021)

Peak Hour published in Tether’s End journal (UK 2021)

Spring Frost (poem) published February in Inscribe Journal (Australia, 2021)

Stay At Home published in Green ink press (UK, 2020)

Stingers, The Prophet of the Prince’s Highway, Blighted, I Could Have Been a Contender published in The Blue Nib (Australia, issue 41,2020)

Never Good at Maths, Tonight’s War published in Tirra Lirra (Australia, 2005)

Reading Leaves published in Central Poets Anthology (2004) and also in Tirra Lirra (Australia, 2001)

Behind the Screen published in Verandah (Australia, 2003)

Shadows published in Hecate (Australia, 2003)

Leaving Christmas published in Divan (Australia, 2003)

By the Side of the Road published in The New England Review (Australia, 2003)

Christmas Drive published in Central Coast Poets Anthology (Australia, 2002)

Brave New World published in Social Alternatives (Australia, 2002) and also published in Muse (Australia, 2002)

Farewell published in Woorilla (Australia, 2002)

Succulence published in Hecate (Australia, 2002)

Ivory Hunting published in Linq (Australia, 2001)

Bluetongue published in Swyntax (Australia, 2001)

A Slow Memorial published in Tirra Lirra (Australia, 2001)

Short Stories

The ES Academy to be published in Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology YA Fiction (USA, 2021)

Compliance to be published in Brilliant Flash Fiction Anthology (USA, 2021)

Succulence published in Microflix Festival (Australia, 2021)

Smell a Rat published in Sinking City Magazine (USA, 2021)

Old Tricks published April in The Village Observer Lane Cove (Australia, 2021)

It’s Not the Midnight Train Going Anywhere published in Moria Literary Magazine (USA, 2021)

Silenced to be published in Wards Magazine (USA, 2021)

The Final Touch published in Continue The Voice (UK, 2021)

Evie’s Smile – Fiction Kitchen Berlin (Germany, 2021)

It Crept Up on Us published February in The Village Observer Lane Cove (Australia, 2021)

Facing Alternative Facts published in February in the Intangible journal (US, 2021)

By the Seat of my Pants – Blood and Bourbon Literary Journal (Canada, 2021)

When he Leaves – Bangor Literary Journal (UK, 2020)

Glitch – FourW (Australia, 2020)

Hindsight 2020: Devolution of the New Breed (short story) Dear Leader Anthology (US, 2020)

The Waiting Room – Authora Australis Issue 1 ‘Empty Spaces’ (Australia, 2020)

The Captive (100 word story) Lighthouse Originals (UK, 2020)

Keeping Watch – The Chopping Blog, The Darling Axe (Canada, April 2020)

Before You Cross – Bright Flash Literary Review (US, 2020)


Some of my works published in Australia are listed on the austlit database