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How it Begins, Melting, Cacophony, and The Kiss (2021) USA

My poems How it Begins, Melting, Cacophony, and The Kiss appear in Goat’s Milk.


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Publisher : Goats Milk Magazine (2021)


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Compliance (2021) USA

My flash fiction Compliance appears in Brilliant Flash Fiction.


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Publisher : Brilliant Flash Fiction (2021)


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Hide and Seek (2021) USA

My poem Hide and Seek appears in Camas.


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Publisher : Camas Magazine (2021)


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A Bit of Friendly Advice (2021) USA

My short story A Bit of Friendly Advice appears in Alluvian.


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Publisher : Alluvian Journal (2021)


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Lurking (2021) Germany

My flash fiction ‘Lurking’ is in The Wild Word, a German journal.


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Publisher : The Wild Word (2021)


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Pissant (2021) USA

My poem Pissant appears in Stick Figure Poetry.


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Publisher : Stick Figure (2021)


Lizards and Lies and Golden (2021) Australia

My short story Lizards and Lies and flash fiction Golden appears in Meniscus.


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Publisher : Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP) (2021)


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Of Mice and Mould (2021) USA

My short story Of Mice and Mould appears in The Opiate.


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Publisher : The Opiate Magazine (2021)


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The ES Academy (2021) USA

My YA short story The ES Academy appears in Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology.


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Publisher : Aesthetic Press (2021)


Picture of my sisters burnt out car

All that Remains (2021) USA

My short story All that Remains appears in Montana Mouthful.


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Publisher : Montana Mouthful (2021)


Walking in snow at night

Tunnel Vision (2021) UK

My short story Tunnel Vision appears in Constellate Magazine.


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Publisher : Constellate Literary Journal (2021)


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Drowning Yellow (2021) USA

My flash fiction Drowning Yellow appears in CP Quarterly.


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Publisher : CP Quarterly (FKA Crêpe & Penn) (2021)


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Pieta (2021) USA

My poem Pieta appears in Ancient Paths.


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Publisher : Ancient Paths Literary Magazine (2021)


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Spring Frost (2021) Australia

My poem Spring Frost appears in Inscribe.


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Publisher : Tabor Education (2021)


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Peak Hour (2021) UK

My poem Peak Hour appears in Tether’s End.


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Publisher : Tethers End Magazine (2021)


Smell a Rat (2021) USA

My short story Smell a Rat appears in Sinking City.


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Publisher : University of Miami (2021)


Gifthorse (2021) USA

My poem Gifthorse appears in Rush Magazine.


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Publisher : Mount Saint Mary’s University (2021)


Stupid Movable Organs (2021) USA

My poem Stupiud Movable Organs appears in Denial Kills: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Fiction.


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Publisher : Not a Pipe Publishing (2021)


Succulence (2021) Australia

My short prose Succulence was a selected text for the 2021 Microflix Festival Awards.


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Publisher :  Spineless Wonders (2021)


I Can’t be Bothered Writing this Poem and I Cannot Listen (2021) USA

My poems ‘I Can’t be Bothered Writing This Poem’ and ‘I Cannot Listen’ appear in Last Leaves.


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Publisher :  Last Leaves (2021)


A Mouthful of Carpet (2021) Australia

My poem “A Mouthful of Carpet” appears in Cordite Poetry Review Issue 10 (selected by John Kinsela and Jeanine Leane).


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Publisher :  Cordite (2021)


It’s Not the Midnight Train Going Anywhere (2021) USA

My short story “It’s Not the Midnight Train Going Anywhere” appears in Moria Literary Magazine.


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Publisher : The National Literary Magazine of Woodbury University (2021)


My Little Friends & Before You (2021) USA

Two of my poems ” My Little Friends” and “Before You” are published in this magazine.


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Publisher :  New Feathers Anthology (2021)


Old Tricks (2021) Australia

My flash fiction “Old Tricks” is published in this magazine.


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Publisher :  Lane Cove Village Observer (2021)


Facing Alternative Facts (2021) USA

My short story “Facing Alternative Facts” is published in Intangible magazine.


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Publisher :  Intangible Magazine (2021)


Evie’s Smile (2021) Germany

My flash fiction “Evie’s Smile” is featured in this journal.


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Publisher :  Fiction Kitchen Berlin (2021)


It Crept Up on Us (2021) Australia

My flash fiction “It Crept Up on Us” is published in this magazine.


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Publisher :  Lane Cove Village Observer (2021)


The Final Touch (2021) UK

My flash fiction “The Final Touch” is in Continue the Voice issue 4- Ageing 2021.


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Publisher :  Continue the Voice (2021)


By the Seat of My Pants (2020) Canada

My flash fiction “By the Seat of My Pants” is published in this Canadian Journal.

Blood & Bourbon is a fiercely independent journal run by storytellers, for storytellers. We’re here to celebrate all things hard, gritty, and raw. True or not-so-true, all we care about is a good story. The kind you tell over too many drinks, too late on a worknight, too far down the street on the other side of town.This is issue #7 of the publication, themed “Begin Again”, under the leadership of Raya P. Morrison.


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Publisher :  Blood and Bourbon (2021)


When he Leaves (2020) UK

My flash fiction “When he Leaves” is published in this issue.


View online at The Bangor Literary Journal here


Publisher :  The Bangor Literary Journal (2020)


Glitch (2020) Australia

My short story “Glitch” is published in this anthology.

Running through the poems and prose in fourW thirty-one: NEW WRITING, like a meandering Marambidya, are undercurrents, ripples, obscured depths of water … Geographically, cosmically, emotionally, politically etc. … water metaphorises the depths, currents, fluidity, typhoons & tsunamis of the human condition.


Purchase online from Gleebooks or Booranga Writers’ Centre here 


ISBN : 978 0 9942020 6 2 
Publisher :  4W Press (2020)


Hindsight 2020: Devolution of the New Breed (2020) USA

My short story “Hindsight 2020: devolution of the New Breed” will be published in Dear Leader Tales later this year.

“2020 has been a very trying year for humanity. In addition to a barely-checked viral contagion causing widespread economic distress, there are the usual cavalcade of Dear Leaders doing exactly what they do best, oppressing and dividing the rest of us. Politicians don’t have an exclusive in this regard, although sometimes it seems that way. These stories and poems are meant to humorously talk truth to power, even though we fully understand the narcissists simply won’t see themselves represented. Whether your Dear Leader is an orange-haired Wendigo, Asian Dictator, Religion, CEO, spouse, demon, or feline overlord — all are fair game in this wide-ranging collection.

As the contentious American Presidential Election campaign comes to a close, many of us could use a humorous respite and to remind ourselves the problem is not new or different, just oppression’s same old song. Take a break, read these stories — the things we worry about today will pass and new ones will emerge. This collection will take you to the next screen.”


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ISBN-10 : 1970087145
ISBN-13 : 978-1970087147
Publisher : Feral Cat Publishers (27 Sept. 2020)


The Waiting Room (2020) Australia

Here’s my short story published in a new Australian journal. They had a blind review process, which gives fledglings like me a chance. 

A tender story about growing old.


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Publisher : Authora (2020)


Keeping Watch (2020) Canada

Here is my first prize winning short story. It’s a darker piece, but short and tight.


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Publisher : Darling Axe (2020)


The Captive (2020) United Kingdom

Highly Commended micro fiction. 

This is a tiny little piece that was highly commended in the Lighthouse Originals 100 word competition. It has now become the beginning, or at least a section, of a new YA novel idea.


Read online here


Publisher : Light Box Originals


Four poems (2020) Australia

I had four poems published.

  • Stingers
  • The Prophet of the Prices Highway
  • Blighted
  • I could have been a contender


Can be read online here – Digital Subscription required


Publisher : The Blue Nib Literary Magazine


Stay At Home (2020) United Kingdom

My poem “Stay At Home” was published in Green Ink Poetry.


Can be read online here


Publisher : Green Ink Poetry


Before You Cross Over (2020) USA

My short story “Before You Cross Over” was published in Bright Flash Literary Review.


 Can be read online here


Publisher : Bright Flash Literary Review